My final project | Avni Institute of Art & Design | Tel Aviv

Appearance of products that enable virtual world browsing has influenced and changed the definition of the term "public space".

Today, public spaces encourage action indeed, but not social interaction. Ignoring social interaction can lead to social isolation.

“Publics” is a social network to the neighborhood residents of Tel Aviv, allowing each and every one to offer ideas for neighborhood activities

and/or to apply for participation


in these activities as a volunteer. Employees of the local municipality would approve the best and the most rated ideas, and will help to implement them:

to organize the required equipment, recruit volunteers and publish the upcoming activities on the “Publics” website.

The project's goals are: to make Tel Aviv neighborhoods to be more changing and dynamic spaces, extend and enrich the leisure possibilities

of residents and to turn "dead territories" to be active all day long.

Language: Hebrew | Music 0.24-0.34: Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce

Concept + Characterization + Illustration + Graphic Design + Animation + Programming